Psyllium Khakha Powder

We have a highly efficient workforce, which is dedicated enough to manufacture, supply and export Khakha Powder. These products are used in different landscaping applications in the construction industry. Our offered products also help in preventing spoil erosion at river embankments and beds. Absolutely pure in nature, these products are completely safe to use and handle. Khakha Powder is available with us in different quantities as per the needs of our prestigious clients.


Other details:
We provide Industrial Kha Kha Powder in packaging of 25,30 & 50 Kgs in paper/Jute bags with food grade poly liners. We take special care for bulk packaging of the Kha Kha Powder to ensure quality and safety during transit and storage.



Botanical Names of Psyllium

Plantago Ovata.
Plantago Ispaghula.

Common Names of Psyllium

Flea, lspaghua, Spogel, Plantago Psyllium, Isaphgol, Plantago sp., Isabgula,, Plantaginis Ovatae Semen (Semen Plantaginis Ovatae), Semen Ispaghulae.


Mainly use to prevent landscaping, soil erosion.
Used as animal feed.

Application Areas

Schoolyards and path surfacing used in garden design
Cycle Paths
Car parks


Purity Range of 60 to 80 %
Swell volume from 16 to 35 ml/gm
Packaging in 15 to 25 Kgs
Voluminous amounts available any time





Ranges from 60% to 80%

Swell volume

Ranges from 16 ml/gm to 35 ml/gm

*Note : The above specification complies to USP


Packing & Dispatch : Special Care is taken for bulk packaging of the product to ensure quality and safety during transit and while storage.

Psyllium Industrial Kha Kha Powder Packing Weights / Volumes
Paper/Jute bags with inner food-grade poly-liner: 25 kg, 30 kg. & 50 Kg.

*(We can also provide packing volume / weight as per specific customer requirements in any specified packing material)