Natural Psyllium Seeds

We have gained the market insight and experience to manufacture, supply and export Psyllium Seed. These products have gained a high demand in the market for their diuretic, emollient and cooling properties. Our offered seeds are also known in the market as a well renowned laxative. These husks and seeds are regarded as a prime ingredient in different drug making applications. Psyllium Seed is packed in special packaging material in order to avoid any damage at the time of transportation.

In inflammatory conditions of mucous membrane of gastro intestinal and genitourinary tracts.
It restores proper bowel movements and used in treatment of chronic constipation, amoebic and bucillary dysentery.
Crushed seeds made into a poultice are applied to rheumatic and glandular swellings.
Psyllium husk and seeds are formal Pharmacopoeia.
The seed mucilage is used in cosmetics and as a basic stabilizer in ice cream industry.