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Products Name

Oswal Psyllium Exports Products

At Oswal Psyllium Exports, one can find a number of rich quality psyllium products and other agricultural products in various forms and grades. We manufacture, export and supply:
Psyllium Husks : 99% 98%,95%,90%, 85% etc.
Psyllium Seeds.
Psyllium Husk Powder : in different particle size from 20mesh to 100mesh fineness.
Lali powder, Chitt.
Cattle Feeds.
Agricultural Seeds.
Industrial Grade Khakha Powder.
All kind of Spices & General items like : Menthi(Fenugreek), Ajwain(Carom), Kalonji(Nigella), White Kabuli(Chick Peas), Til(Sesame), Tukmaria(Basil), Dhaniya(Coriander), Dal(Pulses), and Atta(Wheat Flour) etc.

Oswal Seeds and Chemicals Products

At Oswal Seeds and Chemicals, one can find a number of rich quality seed products and other agricultural products in various forms and grades. We manufacture, export,import and supply:
Wheat : Wheat LOK-1, WH-147, RAJ-4037/ Super Sharbati -14001, HI-8498, Krishna-11.
Maize : Hybrid Maize – Oswal’s Magic.
Black Gram (Urad) : Oswal TAU-1, Super 555.
Soybean : JS 335/JS9305/JS9560/Super Star-111/ Super Star-211 and Organic Soybean.
Mustard : Black Mustard :– Oswal Gold Plus/ OSM-77, Yellow Mustard :– OSYM – 55.

Who we are


Oswal Psyllium Exports & Oswal Seeds and Chemicals is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of well processed Psyllium Seeds, Psyllium Husks, Psyllium Powder, Agricultural Seeds, Industrial Grade Khakha Powder, Maize, Soybeen, Mustard Seeds, Corn etc. These products are naturally processed, dehusked and filtered

Psyllium is a herbal plant and its leaves, seeds, husks, etc. are used on a large scale as effective herbal medicines.

In terms of price, our products can be availed at reasonable and affordable rates. We are a technologically driven company, always looking ahead to embrace the latest preserving and packaging techniques to keep the products fresh and tender for longer periods of time. Every product that we export symbolizes excellent quality and reliability. Our delivery system is prompt and punctual, for we work with customer centric approach at all times.